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Grids and you

Grids and you

How will grids will impact your everyday life? Who could imagine? Consider the following predictions about the future of computers:

  • "The world will only need five computers" (attributed to Thomas J. Watson, IBM)
  • "640 kilobytes is all the memory you will ever need" (attributed to Bill Gates, Microsoft)

  • "There is absolutely no need for a computer in the home" (attributed to Ken Olsen, DEC)(once a leading minicomputer manufacturer)

It was the same for the World Wide Web: the Web was invented at CERN so that scientists could share information, but nobody involved could have imagined the thousands of uses that exist today.

In the same way, even those scientists working on grid computing cannot say just how it could impact society. Some people are confident that grid technology will become fundamental to our society; however, skeptical views of grid computing also exist.

Many experts imagine a future where dedicated grids are tailored serve the specific needs of different communities. Such communities are referred to as Virtual Organizations (VOs).